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A subset of the SQLAlchemy session extension hooks.

Execute after a transaction is begun on a connection

Execute before flush process has started.

Execute after flush has completed, but before commit has been called.

Execute right before commit is called.

Execute after a commit has occured.

Execute after a rollback has occured.

Receives notification of new, changed and deleted datasets.

Send a notification on entity modification.


Supposed to send a notification after entity modification, but it doesn’t work.

Allows extension of the default Atom feeds

Allows plugins to provide a custom class to generate feed items.

The feed item generator’s constructor is called as follows:

Allows plugins to set additional fields on a feed item.

Receives notification of changed urls.

Give user a notify is resource url has changed.

:param resource, instance of model.Resource

Add custom view renderings for different resource types.

Returns a dictionary with configuration options for the view.

The available keys are:

Example configuration object:

Returns whether the plugin can render a particular resource.

The data_dict contains the following keys:

Adds variables to be passed to the template being rendered.

This should return a new dict instead of updating the input data_dict .

Returns a string representing the location of the template to be rendered when the view is displayed

The path will be relative to the template directory you registered using the add_template_directory() on the Classic Slip Dress in Black Nightcap Many Kinds Of For Sale Real Cheap Price Cheap Sale New Arrival a6HPjA
method, for instance views/my_view.html .

Returns a string representing the location of the template to be rendered when the edit view form is displayed

The path will be relative to the template directory you registered using the add_template_directory() on the update_config method, for instance views/my_view_form.html .


This interface is deprecated, and is only kept for backwards compatibility with the old resource preview code. Please use for writing custom view plugins.

Return info on whether the plugin can preview the resource.

This can be done in two ways:

Make sure to check the on_same_domain value of the resource or the url if your preview requires the resource to be on the same domain because of the same-origin policy. To find out how to preview resources that are on a different domain, read Gathered Velvettrimmed Chantilly Lace Midi Dress Midnight blue AlexaChung Cheap Free Shipping Sale Find Great Newest Cheap Price Discount Latest vw4yKKy


The operator module exports a set of efficient functions corresponding to the intrinsic operators of Python. For example, operator.add(x, y) is equivalent to the expression x+y . The function names are those used for special class methods; variants without leading and trailing __ are also provided for convenience.

The functions fall into categories that perform object comparisons, logical operations, mathematical operations, sequence operations, and abstract type tests.

The object comparison functions are useful for all objects, and are named after the rich comparison operators they support:

Perform “rich comparisons” between a and b . Specifically, lt(a, b) is equivalent to a < b , le(a, b) is equivalent to a <= b , eq(a, b) is equivalent to a == b , ne(a, b) is equivalent to a != b , gt(a, b) is equivalent to a > b and ge(a, b) is equivalent to a >= b . Note that unlike the built-in cmp() , these functions can return any value, which may or may not be interpretable as a Boolean value. See Comparisons for more information about rich comparisons.

New in version 2.2.

The logical operations are also generally applicable to all objects, and support truth tests, identity tests, and boolean operations:

Return the outcome of Alexa Chung Woman Faded Midrise Straightleg Jeans Mid Denim Size 27 AlexaChung Footlocker Pictures Clearance Shopping Online Online Cheap Quality zvUebtna
obj . (Note that there is no Gingham blazer Tibi Pre Order Online Visa Payment Cheap Online Buy Cheap For Cheap Cheap Wholesale Original 8keij
method for object instances; only the interpreter core defines this operation. The result is affected by the __nonzero__() and __len__() methods.)

Return Polkadot Voile Coat Black Haider Ackermann Buy Cheap Professional qRd0k2
if obj is true, and Outlet Low Price Fee Shipping Sale Prices M Missoni VNeck Flared Tunic w/ Tags LenlWh4Xn1
otherwise. This is equivalent to using the bool constructor.

Return a is b . Tests object identity.

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